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Our History

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Located on the San Luis Creek

This 1900 old chicken and dairy farm is like stepping step back in time!

The Fahey Family were one of the first families to settle along the San Luis Creek. Families that settled in along the creek were know as the The San Luis Colony. Henry Miller “the Cattle King of California” of Miller & Lux fame and known for developing much of the cattle and farming businesses in the San Joaquin Valley in the late 1800s and early 1900s frequented the San Luis Colony on horseback. 

In early 1900’s, a Danish family named the Peterson’s purchased the property and built the existing buildings on the ranch.  The Areias family are the third family to own the property since the 1800’s and in 1997 purchased the property.   They slowly began the restoration of the dilapidated buildings to their authentic state including the original beams and the rustic wooden floors on the property.

Now a Bird & Butterfly sancutary!

The San Luis Reservoir was once occupied by Native Americans, including the Yokut and Matsun Tribes which settled along the San Luis Creek. When Gabriel Moraga and his troops came to scout potential mission sites in 1805, they brought with them the demise of the local native community.  Come visit the historic authentic grinding stones found in the area that are on display. Along with 109 large cotton wood trees that canopied the riparian area just as it did over a century ago and now is home to one of Central California’s largest Blue Heron Rookery.

The creek was dammed to create San Luis Reservoir in San Luis Reservoir State Park, and below it, O’Neill Forebay. This marks the final tree-lined stretch of San Luis Creek. Originally a chicken and dairy farm, the ranch is now a boutique wedding venue in Central California, situated 1.6 miles from Santa Nella, CA, and approximately 1 hour from San Jose and Stockton, CA.

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Since 2000, The Bird Ranch at San Luis Creek has been involved in some of the most beautiful celebrations in San Francisco. Our unique venue offers everything needed to create your perfect event. We always make sure to provide our guests with the best services, offering a wide variety of customizable menus and design options.

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