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Meet our Team

This charming restored ranch is the family home of husband and wife team, Julie and Rusty Areias in the county they both were born and raised. Their love of the land comes from their grandparents.  Julie’s grandparents were tomato and grape farmers and Rusty’s family was in the dairy business. In fact, Rusty’s grandparents used to buy eggs at the Bird Ranch when he was a child.

All good stories begin with a love story. And so it is with The Bird Ranch—the lovechild of Julie and Rusty when they purchased the property in 1997.

The ranch was in disrepair when they purchased and everyone said it was a teardown, but they saw the vision of what it could be once again.  Over many years, they restored the ranch to its original state.  Julie and Rusty loved the history of the ranch, and the vintage style, ultimately enjoying sharing their love with other people…in a place they call home—in the heart of Central California.

Julie is a cancer survivor and loves making “clean” plant based cleaning prouducts to use around the ranch. She has been an event coordinator for over 30 years and runs the venue.  They both love architecture, collecting antiques, and cooking great meals with friends and family!

Julie Sandino-Areias

Born and raised in the County, Julie has a passion for creating warm and unforgettable experiences, With 35 years in the event planning industry, Julie ensures that every detail is meticulously attended to. Julie is known for her warm personality and hospitality, and she wants everyone to feel at home and relaxed on the ranch. She is dedicated to making every couple's special day truly extraordinary.


Jule is passionate about creating micro weddings and elopements to save you time and money with our all-inclusive collections. Want to say the word wedding 5-6 times for your section).  I was working towards opening up the Wedding Venue when COVID-19 hit.  I was appalled when I read in the Wedding Report that the average cost in California for 25 to 50 guests wedding runs between $26,000 and $32,000. I thought how can people afford a wedding? I listened to the market and what brides said they couldn’t afford a big wedding.  Small weddings allow couples to enjoy their wedding in a more intimate setting, with less stress on their wedding day, more time to spend with their guests on their wedding day, and yet make it an extremely personal and memorable event without breaking the bank.   Julie is a proud member of Elopement Pro which is  a community of leading  wedding pros who love small weddings. 

Rusty Areias

Meet Rusty Areias, an integral part of The Bird Ranch at San Luis Creek in Gustine, CA. With a rich background in ranch management, while growing up on the dairy next to The Bird Ranch, Rusty has a deep love for the land where his grandparents walked.  Rusty brings invaluable expertise and dedication to our team.


Together with his wife, Julie Sandino-Areias, Rusty is committed to creating a welcoming and serene environment for all our guests, making every visit to the ranch a memorable experience.

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